Poma áurea

Poma áurea

Poma Áurea is the first brut nature cider developed by Trabanco and it has been admitted for protected denomination of origin
(DOP) "Sidra de Asturias".
Poma Áurea is a totally natural cider, a brut nature in which the carbonic as well as the sugar are endogenic, that means result of
their own fermentation process.
The new brut nature of Trabanco is the result of a careful selection of the raw material. For its elaboration are only used traditional
Asturian varieties, Regona and Raxao, which ferment at low temperature during several months in traditional wooden chestnut
Once finished this first phase, a second fermentation is caused, controlled and at low temperature in a contra-pressure tank.
The result: An elegant and harmonic brut nature cider, that shows all its expression as ideal accompaniment for appetisers
(cheese, patés...) and for menus based on rice, seafoo####fish.


  • 0,75 l glass bottle
  • Carton box of 6 units (non-returnable)
  • Cardboard box of 12 uds.
Tasting notes

Acid and sweet varieties with a high
level of ripening are used.

In chestnut barrels at controlled

Memories of roast apples and citric
shades of bergamot appear in the nose.

Of intensive, shining gold colour, with
presence of a fine bubble.

In the mouth it results expressively with a
good drying that is valued in the ciders,
notable acidity well compensated which
contributes freshness and memories of
green apples.

Diseño: Beirut and Aterton & Programación web: ticmedia.es

“TRABANCO DISTRIBUCION Y EXPORTACION SL, en el Marco del Programa de Promoción Internacional de IDEPA (PINT 2022), ha contado con el apoyo del Gobierno del Principado de Asturias a través del IDEPA (Instituto de Desarrollo Económico del Principado de Asturias). La finalidad de este apoyo es contribuir al desarrollo internacional de la empresa y de su entorno, así como avanzar en la diversificación de mercados.”

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