Casa Trabanco CiderMill

Everything started in 1925 with our first cider mill. We opened in Lavandera, in a town that is surrounded by nature but is just a few kilometers from Gijon. This is where everything started.

Nowadays, Lavandera is still home to the headquarters of Casa Trabanco cider house and where we work every day. It also serves as a meeting point for the many visitors and friends we welcome through our cider-tourism project.

Located in Gijon

From 20 to 100 people

Espichas (traditional Asturian spread) / Weddings / Companies

Civil ceremonies

Trabanco Sariego CiderMill

The second Trabanco cider mill is right in the middle of the Cider Region. This mill opened in 2010 and measures more than 11,000 square meters, allowing us significantly increase our production capacity and to make sure we can undertake any challenges that may come up in the near future.

At TrabancoSariego we also combine our regular cider mill work with the promotion of cider-tourism. We have developed tours of our mill and have started the TrabancoSariego Events initiative, where we open up our facilities to celebrate family and company events with a special touch.

Located in Sariego

From 30 to 250 people

Espichas (traditional Asturian spread) / Weddings / Companies

The Tunnel Cider Mill

This is, without a doubt, out most unique space. These barrels are located where a train line to connect Gijon with San Martin del Rey Aurelio was built, but never used. Nowadays it is home to more than 30 stainless steel barrels full of our cider, and 12 oak wood barrels next to our family museum.

Located in Gijon

From 30 to 60 people.

Espichas (traditional Asturian spread), companies, civil ceremonies

Casa Alicia Cider Mill

This is the family´s oldest cider mill and is our favorite because of what it means to us. This cider mill has been home to our cider barrels for more than 50 years. Nowadays it also hosts magical moments with its civil wedding ceremonies and visits from publicfigures. Traditional apple presses, wet hallways and the sound of cider settling give our home a special feel.



Located in Gijon

From 20 to 50 people 

Espichas (traditional Asturian spread) / Companies

Civil ceremonies

The Paxos

Space in the Llagar de Lavandera, tradition and origin, where it smells of cider and the wood of the barrels that house it. 

Diseño: Beirut and Aterton & Programación web:

“TRABANCO DISTRIBUCION Y EXPORTACION SL, en el Marco del Programa de Promoción Internacional de IDEPA (PINT 2021), ha contado con el apoyo del Gobierno del Principado de Asturias a través del IDEPA y con la cofinanciación de la Unión Europea a través del fondo Europeo FEDER. La finalidad de este apoyo es contribuir al desarrollo internacional de la empresa y de su entorno, así como avanzar en la diversificación de mercados.”